Examples of our past pieces

Dining Tables

Possible with leaves, ornate bases, runners, etc


Desks are very personal things, and can also occupy prominent positions. As such, bespoke desks are among our most ordered pieces


Sideboards for any purpose, often accommodating features such as radiators or AC units. Natural vessels for original details, such as marquetry

Wall Units

Fitted pieces transforming walls into repositories of joy. Often incorporating TVs and music systems, desk alcoves, and other surprises


Headboards, footboards, and frames; four-poster and floating; from king-size to cot...

Bedside Tables

Bedroom companions through thick and thin

Coffee Tables

Surfaces fit for the coolest of publications


Homes for the proudest of libraries


Free-standing, fitted, and walk-in wardrobes with a nook for every garment and slipper; often with built-in lights and mirrors

Console Tables

The console table may have been born in 17th Century palaces, but there are no rules for it any more

Side & Tray Tables

Nifty surfaces for tighter spaces

Cocktail Cabinets

A chance to show off what we can do


Wall-hanging and free-standing shelves turning storage into an elegant display

Small Cabinets

Smaller cupboards for every room of the house. Original handles, flashes, and finishes can turn simpler pieces into eye-catchers

Bathroom Units

Fitted vanity units, recessed mirrors, and other bathroom pieces, accommodating plumbing where relevant

TV Lifts

So you only see the TV when you’re watching it. We usually supply and fit the remote-control lift mechanism

Boardroom Tables

We’ve made meeting-tables for many a workplace, from corporate HQs to interior design ateliers

Chest of Drawers

The old classic, done your way

Dressing Tables

Beautiful places to get ready and wind down

Games Tables

Tables for cards, backgammon, chess, and more

Large Cabinets

Big storage pieces, such as breakfront china cabinets. Often with complex tracery and moulding


Anything’s possible, including intricate laser-cut shapes. We can’t control what you see in it though

Ottomans & Stools

Upholstered pieces for the centre of a seating arrangement or the end of a bed. Bedroom versions frequently have TV lifts


When the chair you need doesn’t exist...


Indoor benches, as well as bespoke outdoor furniture (& things for conservatories)

Weird & Wonderful

We’ve made some odd things through the years...here’s a couple of examples